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Classes at Flipside Circus

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Adults Mixed Aerials

18 Years – 101 Years

Try a mix of aerial techniques in trapeze, lyra, and silks for the first time!

Adults Mixed Circus

18 Years – 101 Years

It’s never too late to join the circus! This class is designed to introduce adult beginners to the world of circus and train intermediate artists too.

Advanced Mixed Aerials

8 Years – 17 Years

Wanting to take your aerial skills to the next level? This is the class for you!

Advanced Mixed Circus

8 Years – 17 Years

Advanced level training for performance, invitation only class for students willing to perform in a variety of settings.

Circus Foundations

6 Years – 12 Years

Master the fundamentals of circus in Circus Foundations! Take your first steps into acrobatics, aerials, juggling and more.

Circus Foundations Plus

6 Years – 12 Years

Take your circus skills to the next level in Circus Foundations Plus! Build the core circus skills and strength required to tackle advanced classes.

Circus Kindy

3 Years – 4 Years

Your little circus stars work side-by-side with parents/caregivers to explore, learn, and grow in the colourful world of circus.

Circus Play

18 Months – 3 Years

Introduce your toddlers to the wonderful world of circus and encourage their physical, motor and social development.

Circus Prep

4.5 Years – 6 Years

An active and bouncy class! With a focus on learning through play, learn valuable school ready skills, and further their brain and body development.

Explore The Possibilities – Private Class

3 Years – 17 Years

For children with disabilities and additional needs.

Intermediate Circus

6 Years – 12 Years

For students with circus or gymnastics experience who are looking to further develop their abilities.

Intermediate to Advanced Acro and Tumbling

8 Years – 17 Years

For those who are really wanting to progress and see more technical results in tumbling and acro.

Intro to Acro and Tumbling

8 Years – 17 Years

Learn the foundations of acrobatics and tumbling. A great second class to boost their acro skills!

Intro to Mixed Aerials

8 Years – 17 Years

Learn to fly! Pick up the basics of aerials and try a mix of apparatus like trapeze, lyra and silks.

Juggling & Manipulation

8 Years – 101 Years

If you love to juggle and want to learn from the best, then this is one class you don’t want to miss.

Performance Troupe

8 Years – 17 Years

An advanced class for young artists looking to develop performance skills, work with established professional artists, and perform in professional settings.

Private Classes

6 Years – 101 Years

Perfect to increase your training and skill level in a one on one setting.

Step Ups

8 Years – 17 Years

Advanced level training for circus performance. Audition only class to level-up your performance skills.

Taste of Circus

6 Years – 10 Years

Taste of Circus is the perfect introduction to the wide world of circus! A program designed to help them grow with circus skills and games.