Unthinking the impossible – Our own new home

Unthinking the impossible – Our own new home

9 March, 2020

Flipside is entering this new decade with a big vision. To become a nationally recognised leader in youth arts and circus arts practice.

Between 2015 and 2019 audiences for our acclaimed work by, for, with young artists grew from 9,457 to 42,079, while participation by young people grew from 22,610 to 43,282.

In the last four years, Flipside has run residencies in over 30 regional communities, supported almost 4,000 artists, 370 rehearsals, and over 35 different independent/circus productions.

Our recent growth, combined with over 21 years’ experience and Brisbane’s status as a world-leading circus city, places us in a unique position to become a national leader in youth and circus arts.

This vision is aligned with a new purpose-built circus centre which we (and you) can call home. The Brisbane circus centre will be a unique, specialist circus structure that combines training, community, public, and presentational spaces all in one location.

Created from modular, pre-fabricated materials, shipping containers, and canvas, the structure combines form and function, design utility to create an iconic building that is uniquely circus.

Our current warehouse in Alderley is set to be demolished in the short to medium term. A purpose-built circus centre is vital for us to continue to deliver our programs in Brisbane and right throughout Queensland. And, to continue to support the incredible circus artists and companies that have called our space home.

We cannot wait to share this journey with you, every step of the way. And we are off to a great start! In 2019 the Federal Government committed $1 million to the establishment of our new home. With your help, we also managed to raise an additional $12,000 at Flipside’s 2019 Gala. This year we have a full calendar of shows and a number of different ways in which you can show your support and be part of Flipside’s and Brisbane’s circus future and heritage.

Flip us into the future!

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