Flipside’ student won Del Artè Charts Award

Flipside’ student won Del Artè Charts Award

21 March, 2018

Luke Whitefield, who won as favourite supporting male performance in the 2017 Del Artè Charts Awards, was recently featured on the cover of North-West News! Well done Luke.

Luke, at just 11 years old, was selected for his comedic unicycle act in last year’s Flipside performance, The Cabaret Show. He beat over 200 other hopefuls to take the honours.

Read the article below, written by Glenn Roberts.

Circus act wins over arts critics
Luke beats 208 others for award

An 11-year old’s circus act helped him beat 206 other Brisbane performers to be named favourite supporting male performance in the 2017 Del Arte Charts awards.

Luke Whitefield scored the accolade for his 10-min solo comedy unicycle routine in Alderley-based Flipside Circus’s The Cabaret Show.

Luke performed a series of stunts on the unicycle and used the audience as volunteers.

Flipside’s creative producer Robert Kronk. who directed the piece, said Luke had to whip the audience into a frenzy, steer their focus around the space, and get them involved.

“Luke showed a great sense of comedic timing and worked very hard to make the whole performance seem improvised and off the cuff. For a performer so young it was really impressive,” Mr Kronk said.

As well as mastering theatrical skills, Luke also had to learn to ride a unicycle.”…that took about three months to get to where I could ride and steer without falling off. It was a very painful process,” he said. “While I had done some acting in another show at Flipside, I had never had a speaking part, and so I also had to learn the script.”

” I think it’s pretty unusual to have an 11 year- old doing a comedy unicycle-routine in the first place, so that helped to make it memorable. Oh, and I also had a wonderful assistant (Indigo Macrokanis) who was assisting me.
He drew strength from the crowds. “When the audience laughs it really gives me energy and confidence, and I think that makes the performance better, and me funnier.”

Luke wants to be in a full-time circus troupe after leaving school, and maybe act in plays.