2 March, 2018

Flipside would like to extend a very warm welcome to our new program coordinator, Brooke Hill. Brooke has a wealth of experience and knowledge in and of the circus industry, as a performer, trainer and manager. As well as teaching circus classes Brooke writes lesson plans and report cards, and makes sure all our students are in the right class. We couldn’t be happier at having her back. That’s right, Brooke worked at Flipside as a trainer back in 2010.

Brooke joined the Flying Fruit Fly Circus at age 9 learning (and perfecting) ground and aerial skills as a solo artist and ensemble member. Brooke performed a myriad of circus skills including  rolla bolla, hoop diving, teeter board, tumbling, mini tramp, group bike, adagio, group acro, chairs, chinese pole, trapeze, cloudswing and cradle amongst others.  She was involved in many circus festivals and training projects and worked with performers and trainers from all over Australia and abroad. With 10 years at Flying Fruit Fly under her belt, Brooke went on to train and perform with many Australian circus, physical theatre and dance companies.

After moving to Brisbane in 2005, she worked as a trainer and rigger for Circa, Vulcana and Flipside, as a freelance performer, and then as head trainer and training centre manager at Circa.

Taking a break from the circus industry, Brooke and her husband nurtured their entrepreneurial skills in the hospitality industry as well as creating and running several local music festivals. She now returns to her circus roots and we are THRILLED to welcome her once again to our circus community!