HOURGLASS – a time travelling homage to circus

HOURGLASS – a time travelling homage to circus

6 December, 2016

Hourglass is the Flipside 2016 end-of-year show conceptualised and performed by the Flipside Circus Performance Troupe.

Hourglass follows the journey of a lost little boy who is discovered by a time travelling circus. With each flip of a magical hourglass, together they embark on an electrifying journey of wondrous new dimensions.

This year Flipside’s Performance Troupe is working hard with their trainers to choreograph and perform an end-of-year show that takes place at the Flipside Circus Training Centre. This performance allows the troupe an opportunity to engage with their trainers on both choreographic and conceptual levels and thereby become active participants in the creative process. Because Flipside Circus values children and young people as cultural creators, we deliver a model of contemporary circus where young people have agency and ownership. Hourglass has been conceptualised and developed by our troupe’s performers.

There will be 11 young circus artists performing in Hourglass who will be showing off their acrobatic and tumbling skills alongside Chinese Pole, trapeze and more.

Hourglass is suitable for the whole family. The show takes place on Saturday 17 December at 3pm and 7pm. Tickets for the show can be purchased here.