Not out of the woods yet – Fire Appeal Progress Report

Not out of the woods yet – Fire Appeal Progress Report

29 February, 2024


It’s been four weeks since a fire at the Brisbane Circus Centre turned an exciting day two of term into a scramble for the next step. With help from Circa, Vulcana, and Northshore we were back running classes two days later at The Shed, Northshore. With support from the Brisbane Powerhouse we moved to the Stores Building where we are still running classes, providing space for artists, and celebrating birthday parties.

The fire has put our organisation in unprecedented financial risk. We began fundraising as soon as possible. Our initial $15,000 goal was reached within a week and the $25,000 stretch goal was reached by the end of the month. This amazing support has kept the doors open and we are incredibly grateful to everyone who donated.


The outpouring of support from the Flipside, and wider, community has been astounding. A great example is the initiative of one of our circus school students (and brand new Step Ups Troupe member), Estee.

Estee sold ice blocks in the local parks and organised a bake sale at her school which also had a “guess the number of jelly beans in the jar” game. Estee made posters, coordinated with the principal, and arranged for her friends to provide baked goods. She even went from class to class to make sure kids knew that for a small donation they could get a tasty treat and a guess at the jellybean jar. Estee raised over $400 for Flipside’s Fire Appeal! An impressive amount for a school of only 65 kids.

Estee started classes at the Pop-Up Space when she was only 7. She’s 9 now (nearly 10). It’s incredibly heartening to see our students’ passion for circus and for Flipside.


We are still working with contractors and builders and we are still not sure exactly when we’ll be able to return home to the Brisbane Circus Centre. Here’s what we do know:

  • Our engineers initial assessments indicate the building avoided structural damage.
  • The first round of cleaning has been completed. Our builders had to create a new high pressure cleaning attachment to reach into the nooks and crannies between the shipping containers – and it worked with the first test clean a success. 
  • Our equipment store has been cleaned and cleared. While nearly all of the equipment on our training floor was lost, a lot of our gear in the equipment store was able to be saved. 
  • Next step: Our builders are gearing up for the next round of work which will include replacing the roof and cleaning down the entire building. 

Our fundraising efforts are ongoing. In the coming weeks we will be launching a campaign that gives our students the ability to raise funds for Flipside while having fun practicing circus skills. In the meantime, any donations are immensely appreciated and can be made here.