BY Flipside circus

Adelaide Fringe Festival, 2015
Premiere season Brisbane Powerhouse Wonderland Festival, December 2014


Running time 60 minutes.

About Luster

luster is a collaborative circus show that explores the people behind the performance.

Luster is inspired by the underworld of the carnival. All that remains after the lights go down on the glamour, the glitter, stars and the sparkle. A collision of physicalities: circus, physical theatre and dance, Luster is a microcosm of contemporary physical expression.

What brings a person to the stage to bare all in front of an audience? Who are the individuals behind the make up, under the fabulous costumes, sharing their hearts and dreams night after night?

Luster shines a light on the rituals that tie a cast of performers together. The in jokes, songs, love affairs and tensions that are so often left behind on the dressing room floor in the rush to head on stage.

Luster will be a new work created in collaboration with performers drawn from disciplines across dance, circus and physical theatre as part of Flipside Circus’ Backstage Pass initiative.


Director: Natano Fa’anana
Performers: Flipside Circus Performance Troupe