By Flipside Circus, originally commissioned by the Commonwealth Games’ Festival 2018 and premiered at the Cultural Forecourt, SouthBank, Brisbane.
Performance history

Flagstone, December 2019
Horizon Festival at Harmony, September 2019
Redlands Performing Art Centre, May 2019
Commonwealth Games Festival at Southbank Cultural Forecourt, 2018

Performance specifics

Running time 55 minutes.
Large cast and small cast versions available for touring.


About Revolve

Revolve is all about children and young people taking charge. It is an optimistic celebration of what can happen when the rule book is thrown out.

Revolve is a circus performance designed for large venues, and outdoor stages. It draws on the energy of the audience, the performers, and music to loop, play, and create a circus inspired celebration of life and the future.

Revolve brings together 14 of Queensland’s youngest circus stars, experienced artists, and a live DJ to create a show that is bursting at the seams with energy and fun. Highly rehearsed elements are combined with moments of improvisation as the performers play with rhythms of movement and music.

The show combines circles, loops, and wheels – lots and lots of wheels. Group bike, roller skates, unicycles, even a tractor tyre are jammed onto the stage to create a whirling cacophony of wheeling wonder. All with an awesome soundtrack by live DJ Jeff Chau, Revolve is a good dose of fun with some serious circus skills.

Creative team

Premiere director/creator: Chelsea McGuffin
Remount director: Kelsey Adams
Creators/performers: Flipside Circus Performance Troupe
Dramaturg:  Robert Kronk
Trainer: Aliya Abeshiva
Trainer/performer: Davy Sampford
Premiere Musician/DJ: Kitty Gatling
Remount musician/DJ: Jeff Chau
Guest Artists: Mozes Mozes, Shani Stephens, Jacob Ramis
Set Designer: Josh McIntosh


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