BY FLIPSIDE CIRCUS, in partnership with brisbane powerhouse

Redlands Performing Arts Centre, October 2018
Premiere season Brisbane Powerhouse Theatre, November/December 2017


Running time 55 minutes.
Large cast and small cast versions available for touring.


About Wasteland

Wasteland is a hopeful circus show that asks, what sort of world will you leave?

“A little slice of home-grown circus magic.” – Australian Stage

Besieged by mountains of rubbish, four extraordinary performers recycle and reuse discarded items, reimagining circus and what our future could be.

Wasteland is an energetic and engaging circus performance about potential, hope, resilience, and survival. The show combines beautiful aerial and fast-paced tumbling routines – replacing recognisable circus apparatus with repurposed materials and scrap.

“The audience spent the night holding their breath, in complete awe of the talent of these young performers.” – The Creative Issue

Set on a rubbish heap with themes of recycling, reusing and repurposing – Wasteland is a thoughtful, hopeful, and entertaining circus show for the whole family.


Director/creator: Chelsea McGuffin
Creators/performers: Flipside Circus Performance Troupe
Dramaturge: Robert Kronk
Head trainer: Aliya Abisheva
Trainer: Davy Sampford
Set Designer: Josh McIntosh
Rigger: Chris Fleming


“Wasteland is interested in… important aspects of the future and presents them with heart.” – Lloyd Marken

nothing ever happens in brisbane

 “This is a strong offering, with artistic integrity, and we will see plenty of these young faces grace our stages in years to come.” – Nadia Jade