Flipside's Performances


Flipside's Performances

New Beginnings

Seven circus artists push the limit of their skill and endurance in this hour-long show about leaping into the unknown.


Flipside Circus Family Festival. A jam packed day featuring circus performances from all Flipside students.

From Little Things…

From Little Things is an ambitious new collaboration between Flipside Circus and the internationally renowned Casus Creations.

Dogs in the Schoolyard

Dogs in the Schoolyard is a dynamic combination of circus, storytelling, and original music. A modern fable for children aged 3-8 and their families.

Summer Play Factor-SPF

An extravagant sundae of circus that explores notions of Australian identity through summer tropes – surfboard acrobatics, ice-cream juggle routines, beach cricket and inflatables come together to create a colourful summer of circus fun.


A series of techno-circus experiments bringing audiences inside the action of circus. Commissioned by Brisbane Powerhouse, a collaboration with award-winning Brisbane transmedia collective Counterpilot.


Besieged by mountains of rubbish, 12 extraordinary young performers recycle and reuse discarded items, reimagining circus and what our future could be.


Revolve brings together 12 of Flipside Circus’ youngest stars with experienced artists and a live DJ to create a show that is bursting at the seams with energy and fun.


Come and view life through Ethan’s eyes with Kaleidoscope – a joyous, poetic circus experience that explores the great beauty found in the smallest things. Kaleidoscope is the collaboration of a unique boy, an inspiring story and the lyrical world of circus arts that celebrates young people’s stories and the acceptance of difference.

Pretty Pretty Please

It’s all in the way we ask. Pretty, Pretty Please takes us on a roller coaster ride through the questions, answers, challenges and discoveries of how children ask for what they want!

Stories from the Sky

Fresh-faced, fit and fearless. The fabulous Flipside Circus artists return with their all-new show, the spectacular school holiday treat, Stories from the Sky.

Klimek’s Dancing Numbers

Klimek’s Dancing Numbers will illuminate your aesthetic senses, taking you on a stunning journey into the world of juggling. Endless, unexpected and visually amazing patterns reveal the bond of art and science.

The Dream, Risk, Laugh Show!

The Dream, Risk, Laugh Show is an incredible mix of madness, mayhem, and magic! Our circus stars bring magic to Ipswich, Curlew, Surfer’s Paradise and Woodford with this spectacular DIY show.


Luster is inspired by the underworld of the carnival, a collision of physicalities: circus, physical theatre and dance. Luster is a microcosm of contemporary physical expression.


CircUS is about US – the young people in circus. Using the physicality of both traditional and contemporary circus methods, Flipside challenges the boundaries of a typical circus show and plays with the concept of support.


Flipside Circus presents a contemporary circus piece that explores identity, the innocence of youth and the questions we ask ourselves when growing up: Who am I? What do I want to be? Where will my identity take me?

Alice in Wonderland

Flipside Circus’ Alice in Wonderland presents a circus twist of Lewis Carroll’s classic story. After dropping into Wonderland onto a pyramid of performers, Alice bumps into hoop-diving cards and high flying flowers.

Roll Up!… Or Run Away?

Roll up, roll up and meet the Graham family, who seem like a traditional travelling circus living under the big top. But delve a little deeper and this cacophony of characters will reveal what really goes on behind the curtain.

Storm in a Teacup

A ship wreck, an island, magic, monsters and spirits! Taking inspiration from Shakespeare’s The Tempest, this Flipside Circus production will entrance, amaze and inspire audiences.

Now I’m Ten

This tenth anniversary show celebrates our young performers, trainers and professional artists. They grace the stage with a colourful assortment of balloons, party hats, acrobalance, tumbling and incredible aerial acts. This is a party to remember!

Xtreme Opera

This entertaining medley of circus skills and an opera score create a unique and colourful experience. 25 of our young performers navigate the stage using circus equipment both familiar and unfamiliar: hula hoops, trapeze, unicycle, and even fire!

Talk 2 Me

Talk 2 Me tackles the issue of communication with humour and youthful physicality.