Flipside Circus Supports Proximity by Kelsey Laura

Flipside Circus Supports Proximity by Kelsey Laura

5 April, 2018

Flipside Circus is delighted to support a new one-woman show by circus artist and trainer, Kelsey Laura.

“… Sometimes, in close proximity, we hurt people we love.”

Combining circus with storytelling, Proximity explores what it means to be close to one another, to trust each other, and to have that trust broken. A sharp counterpoint between physical strength and emotional vulnerability, this show will reach in, clutch your heartstrings and twist.

“I started Proximity because I wanted to understand why people hurt each other. We’re taught from childhood to fear the stranger in the dark alley, to be modest and careful, to keep ourselves safe from monsters. But I’ve never met any monsters. I wanted to know if they exist in my world.” – Kelsey Laura

The show is a powerful juxtaposition of circus aerials, acrobatics and heart-wrenching storytelling, asking each of us to consider hard questions like: Will I be okay? Am I safe? Who can I trust? Intimate, exposing and profoundly human, Proximity explores what happens in the space between where one person ends and another begins.

Content warning: this show contains themes of sexual violence. Recommended age is 15 years and over.

Proximity by Kelsey Laura will be held at the Flipside Circus Training Centre as part of the Anywhere Theatre Festival being this May.

Dates: May 18, 19, 25 & 26
Time: 7pm
Show duration: 45 minutes
Location: Flipside Circus
Ticket link: https://anywhere.is/listings/proximity/
Ticket price: $15

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