Review 2: Awesome Festival 2022 | We Live Here

Review 2: Awesome Festival 2022 | We Live Here

3 November, 2022

By Kimberley Shaw
Stage Whispers

We Live Here is a clever and impressive circus show with a difference, that celebrates the memories and moments that make up a life.

Against an underlying theme of time (revealed in some effective projections by Jeremy Gordon), the skills of five incredibly agile and strong circus performers are performed in sync with the stories of parents, siblings, and guests of Hummingbird House, in Brisbane, a hospice for children. One of the most moving segments in the show is the story of a mother, juggling the extreme needs of her seriously ill child against the daily requirements of a busy family. As we listen to the story, we watch a highly skilled young woman, literally balance and carry four other people – a beautiful and incredibly strong allegory, that touches the heart.

Outstanding teamwork from this talented acrobatic team – Amy Stuart, Indra Garvey, Isla Fletcher, Luke Whitefield and Skip Walker-Milne – performing impressive tumbling, hoop and balance work, as well as slackwire and pole acts that leave the audience amazed.

A circus show that goes to an extra level. Touching, moving, and stunning, this show is a great choice for family audiences.