Review: AWESOME FESTIVAL 2022 | We Live Here | 4 Stars

Review: AWESOME FESTIVAL 2022 | We Live Here | 4 Stars

3 November, 2022

By Laura Money
Forth Wall Media

We Live Here is a stripped back and beautiful homage to the people of Hummingbird House – a youth hospice that provides a comforting and warm home for families undergoing medical treatment. Presented by Flipside Circus and Circus WA, the show is a gorgeous representation of courage and love.

Featuring voiceovers and a thrumming soundtrack, We Live Here sees the physicality of Hummingbird House. From joyful play to the breakdown of time in a day, each sequence reflects the memoirs of its inhabitants – past and present. There is a stunning sequence where a mother outlines her day, physically holding up every other member to f the troupe with grace and strength. There’s laughter and pure goofiness in a touching date sequence and synchronised swimming.

Each vignette has a depth to it, the acrobatics are impressive but so is the story being told. We Live Here is a must-see this Awesome Festival.