Review: The Cubby – First Preview – Creative Futures

Review: The Cubby – First Preview – Creative Futures

31 March, 2024

The Cubby is an excellent new production by the talented Flipside team; a funny, skilful, and creative exploration of the importance of play and imagination. The Directors (Amy Stuart and Robert Kronk) and Performers (Sam Giles, Ellie Grow, and Luke Whitfield) have created a must-see show that celebrates play as a creative way in which to learn, socialise, exercise, imagine, take risks, and grow.

The Cubby was developed by the Flipside team in residency and workshop programs held in outback Queensland, which explains why the piece sounds so authentic. I love the upbeat soundtrack (Guy Webster, Sound Design & Composition), which includes extracts of children speaking… starting with ‘What are you doin’?’ ‘Nuthin’ ‘Do you want to build a Cubby?’ The realistic ‘No one’s allowed in my Cubby… Our Cubby…’ ‘Except us,’ and the fun ‘Marco Polo’ pool riff, certainly made me smile.

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