Review: Wasteland at Wonderland

Review: Wasteland at Wonderland

5 December, 2017

“Wasteland features not just stars of tomorrow but stars of today,” said SceneStr’s Lloyd Marken.

Developed by circus artist Chelsea McGuffin, dramaturge Robert Kronk and designer Josh McIntosh it takes place in a post-apocalyptic world with only young people on stage performing. While their physical acumen is impressive there is something poignant about a diseased world left behind to only the young and innocent. It has been pointed out in interviews that Flipside prefers artistic collaboration with their troupe over traditional student-teacher dynamics and that the future was something the young performers were interested in exploring.

The age of said performers range from nine to sixteen, with some real stars in the making. Every performer has trained their body to a high standard of athleticism, some of the older kids are called on to make use of their more developed upper body strength, but the energy of all is relentless in a show that seldom lets up for the audience let alone the performers. Even when slowing down for the ballad ‘Colours Of The Wind’ the singer is still being lifted up in the air and around the stage while nailing the high notes.

One of the youngest performers was called on to make faces and play for laughs in one sequence. As funny as she was, it was far more impressive to see her ad-lib and stay in character jumping off stage to grab her prop that had been accidentally knocked down by an earlier routine.

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