The Young Circus Stars of Normanton

The Young Circus Stars of Normanton

9 September, 2022

 Flipside Circus Residencies in Normanton, Queensland, 2021 – Case Study 

Over the last three years, Flipside Circus has collaborated with Normanton Arts Council Inc to deliver community circus programs in Normanton, located in the Gulf of Carpentaria. 

Flipside Circus is Queensland’s largest youth arts organisation. In 2021, Flipside worked with 29,934 children and young people across the state delivering programs in 22 regional and remote communities. 

With a mission to empower communities through circus, Flipside Circus residencies engage young people in arts programs that involve teamwork, physical training, and creativity. 

The Normanton Arts Council Inc’s mission is to share arts and cultural experiences. They liaise with arts organisations around Queensland and bring art back to the local community, creating opportunities that otherwise wouldn’t be available. “The community has limited opportunities to engage in cultural/arts activities, especially for children and young people.” (Jeanette – Normanton Arts Council Inc). 

Flipside toured to Normanton in 2019, 2020, and 2021 as part of Flipside’s regional and remote residency programs, supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland and in 2021, by the Tim Fairfax Family Foundation and the Queensland Community Foundation. 

The Normanton residencies have been a great success, allowing Flipside to work closely with both local schools, and to engage children and young people at the Normanton Sports Centre – facilitated by The Normanton Arts Council Inc. 

“I made (Flipside trainer) Chris stand up on the crash mat and tell the young people he would be back. He had built such an amazingly positive relationship with so many young people they didn’t want him to leave. We had never seen young people help pack the gear into the truck the way they did, they were holding onto the strong feelings they had experienced for as long as they could….So it’s really good to have you back.”

Jeanette – Normanton Arts Council Inc

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