Trainer Spotlight: Davy Sampford

Trainer Spotlight: Davy Sampford

18 April, 2024
Davy performing in Wilbur the Optical Whale an Indelabilityarts and Flipside Circus production

Davy Sampford is a vital member of Australia’s contemporary circus community being a founding member of Rock n’ Roll Circus (now Circa), Briefs and Flipside since its inception. Having worked professionally for companies including Circus Oz and Circus Monoxide. Davy brings a lifetime of experience to his work as a Flipside trainer.

Davy teaches a range of skills at Flipside but his Juggling and Manipulation class is where he really shines.

He is currently on the road performing Wilbur the Optical Whale with our good friends at Indelabilityarts. Catarina first met Davy in 2019 when Wilbur started development at Flipside Circus. She shared a few words with us about working with Davy:

“[He] has the most generous and accessible teaching style – it’s effortless (but so full of expertise and support) you don’t feel like you’re being ‘taught’ then… next minute we’re all juggling like professionals (well almost). Davy has been such an important part of our Wilbur team since the show’s inception including performing & touring with us since 2021 – his character PJ (aka pointy Jeff) brings delight to all of our audiences and Davy always goes that extra mile with all audiences in our post show interactions – he is often seen spinning a starfish on his finger and you can see the admiration in the children’s eyes as they watch and try to imitate. His energy is calming and contagious all at the same time – Davy is pure gold in every way. We love him and all he brings to our show and our team.” Catarina Hebbard, Co-Artistic Director of Indelabilityarts, Director of Wilbur the Optical Whale

Give it up for the living legend – Davy Sampford!

You can catch Wilbur the Optical Whale in Esk on April 23.