Flipping from present times into a greater future. We are moving!

Flipping from present times into a greater future. We are moving!

15 April, 2020

There are some big changes afoot at Flipside Circus.

As many of you know, we plan to start building a new home at the end of this year. We are working to create a specialist circus centre that combines training, community, public, and performance spaces; and that is constructed from prefabricated materials and shipping containers. At the moment we are in the final stages of negotiation to secure the site, and last year the Federal Government committed $1 million to the project.

It’s an exciting and challenging time for us. Like most performing arts organisations (and everyone else) the COVID-19 pandemic has severely impacted Flipside. But we have been planning for change and disruption.

Our lease on the Alderley training centre expires later this month. With the COVID-19 shut down projected to run until at least June our current commercial accommodation costs are unsustainable.

So – in the last couple of weeks we have secured a new temporary site to call home for the rest of this year while we build the new circus centre. What’s particularly exciting about this new home, is it’s a stone’s throw from the site of the new circus centre.

Right now our trainers and staff are busy packing up the Mina Parade site, loading it into shipping containers and getting ready to send it to our new temporary home. The savings we will make in accommodation costs are massive, and will help us keep the organisation strong, support our staff, artists, and trainers, and help make sure we are set up and ready to go as soon as it’s safe to do so.

We are also planning our online training program for Term 2 to keep our students active and in training.  It will include some free online training trial sessions exclusively for our Term 1 students, starting on the 27 April.

Thank you to all of the families, artists, participants and staff that created the beautiful memories we all share in our Mina Parade site. And thank you for your support to help us move to our new chapter!